So You’ve Decided On a Veterinary Technician Career

How do you choose a school that’s right for you?

You’ve done your research and decided upon pursuing a veterinary technician career because you love animals and you want to have a powerful impact on their lives as well as the lives of their owners.  You understand that veterinary technicians play a crucial role in today’s fast paced field of veterinary medicine and having the right skills is critical because technicians are the backbone of most veterinary practices.

You realize that veterinary technicians perform a multitude of jobs while assisting the veterinarian in all aspects of animal care and that duties often include the medical care of a critically injured animal, working in the laboratory, cleaning and maintaining cages and kennels, routine clerical duties, administering vaccinations and medications and even assisting with a wide variety of surgeries. But now the real challenge begins…

Choosing How to Prepare

If the satisfaction and security of a career as a veterinary technician sounds good, your next step is choosing how to get the training you’ll need. Fortunately you have some excellent choices.

You can go for a Veterinary Technician Degree or a Degree in Veterinary Technology at one of a number of educational institutions like community colleges. The programs at these institutions will give you the skills and background you need to get started on an exciting and rewarding career, and with so many of them across the country, there’s probably one near you.

On the down side, getting an Associates Degree at one of these colleges can be very expensive, and many people who would love to train for a vet tech career can’t afford to take two years off to study.

Alternatively, you can choose to get your training through an online vet tech program like Vet Tech University.

  • These online vet tech programs allow you to learn at your own pace and usually take a lot less time to complete. (Most Vet Tech University students complete their work and are ready to start their new careers in four months or less.)
  • They are also generally a lot less expensive than enrolling in a local college.
  • Most offer an all-inclusive tuition with no costly books to buy
  • You don’t need to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. to enroll
  • You can start immediately without waiting for classes to form

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider as you make your choice. You’ll want to think about cost, whether or not you can afford to take time off from your present situation to attend classes, how quickly you want to move from whatever you’re doing now to your new career, whether you want to attend classes or opt for an online course, whether the online program offers hands-on training options like the two year programs, whether you will receive any veterinary software training and whether or not your choice offers payment options you can afford.

Get Valuable Hands-On Training

The main advantage of a two year veterinary technician program has always been the hands-on training their students receive as part of an on campus curriculum.  In the past, online programs have found it difficult for their students to acquire the necessary experience in a veterinary setting since all of the training was performed through the internet… that is until now.

Vet Tech University solved this dilemma with their new mentorship program. This program is unique in its design because is focuses on training our students in a real life veterinary hospital environment, not in a stuffy classroom setting where the class moves on even if you’re not ready.  Our students benefit immensely from volunteering their time to gain priceless hands-on training in a veterinary practice setting.

The VTU mentorship program’s primary function is to train our students in the job duties associated with being a veterinary technician such as restraint, drawing blood, running labwork, giving medications and assisting in surgery. This way we can prepare you for the actual responsibilities a veterinary technician has working in a real veterinary hospital. Your training will be taught by local veterinarians and their experienced veterinary technicians. The knowledge and first-hand experience you will receive in the Vet Tech University mentorship program is invaluable.

Financing Options You Can Afford

Attending a local college to get a degree can be very expensive (often exceeding $20,000 per year) depending on the institution.  Local colleges have large overhead expenses like mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, a large faculty, and maintenance expenses.  And unless you live near the campus, living expenses can also be a real burden on your budget.

On the other hand, online veterinary technician schools like Vet Tech University are less expensive and are much more reasonably priced.  But Vet Tech University understands that many families are struggling just to make ends meet in today’s economy and even a less expensive career option may be just out of reach to some.  So we decided to offer payment options to accommodate everyone’s budget.  We want to make sure our program is affordable to everyone who wants a vet tech career.

Vet Tech University – The Right Choice

As you can see Vet Tech University truly out does its competition.  Compared to local colleges, we are more affordable, our program is more flexible, we offer an all inclusive tuition with no additional books to buy, you don’t need a high school diploma, you can start immediately without waiting for classes to form and you can become a veterinary technician in as little as four months.

On the other hand, compared to most other online courses, we offer a full curriculum which even includes a hospital manager program, you’re offered a mentorship program to get the hands-on training you need, you can elect to spread your tuition out over 6-months and you’ll never be alone because you’ll have support from the Vet Tech University faculty and staff whenever you need them.

Help With Your Big Decision

We understand that choosing a career is a big decision and we’d like to make sure we’ve answered all of your questions. So, if you’re still not convinced that a vet tech career is the right choice, if you’d like to learn more about becoming a veterinary technician, or if you’d like to discover more of what Vet Tech University has to offer, then call us at 877-994-6888 and speak with an admissions counselor.

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!