A Fulfilling Career is Waiting For You!

Be Ready For a Great Vet Tech Career
in Just Four Months (or LESS!)

Save time… save money… work at your own pace

You’ve wanted to work with animals since you were a kid… dreamed of what it would be like to help an injured cat… win a puppy’s trust… get a sick dog’s tail to wagging.

Believe me, as a veterinarian I understand. There’s simply nothing as rewarding for people like us as helping animals get and stay healthy. The only question is… How do you learn the skills you need to get a career doing the kind of work you’ve dreamed of?

In the past, the most common way was to get an Associates Degree as a Veterinary Technician from a Veterinary Technician College. And spending two years preparing for a career you’d love for a lifetime seemed like a pretty good deal. But in today’s economy, taking two years off to go back to school can be next to impossible (and paying for it can be just as out of reach).

At the same time, I know vets like me are having serious difficulty finding the kind of quality staff we need. (You’d be amazed by the number of good jobs just waiting for qualified people.)

So I decided to put technology to work and founded Vet Tech University – a totally online way to help bright, caring people like you get certified to work beside vets anywhere in the country.

A Better Way to Learn

Anyone who’s spent time in a classroom knows different people learn different things at different rates. Sometimes the teacher seems to be going so slow it’s hard to keep your eyes open, and other times you feel like you’re running just to catch up.

That can’t happen with the Vet Tech University online vet tech program because YOU’RE IN CHARGE of how quickly you go through the material.

  • You take as much or as little time as you need to master each part of the course. You have up to 12 months!
  • Then, once you feel like you’re ready, you take a test on what you’ve learned.
  • If you score at least 70% you move on to the next section.
  • Each unit builds on the ones that come before until you have all the skills you need to get hired and start your professional career.

The Vet Tech University program focuses on preparing you to work in a small animal practice, but if you’re interested in learning how to assist in a large animal practice, we’ve made sure you have everything you need to meet your goal.

Fast and Flexible

Because the VTU course is entirely online, YOU decide when and where to study.

  • Start when you want without waiting for a semester to begin or a class to form.
  • Then study at home, without ever having to commute or attend classes.  Or study somewhere else, if you choose. All you need is a computer.
  • Plus, you can study when you want to… day or night, (a big help if you’re also holding down a job like many of our students).

Most of our students complete the course in about four months, but how fast you go is up to you.

Recession-Proof Your Career

I mentioned earlier that vets across the country are having trouble finding all the good techs they need – even in today’s recession. In fact, it’s such a big story, CBS Evening News focused on it, interviewing employment specialist Laurence Shatkin, author of “150 Recession-Proof Jobs.”

Mr. Shatkin, considered an expert on employment issues, says a Veterinary Technician job is the second most secure job around – a pretty impressive statistic at a time when we all know far too many people who are out of work.

And the future?  Mr. Shatkin forecasts a 41 percent growth in the number of Vet Techs needed over the next decade.

Why are veterinary technologist positions so secure?  Because today people really do consider pets a part of their family and they’re willing to invest in their health.  In fact in 2009 alone Americans spent a whopping $45.5 BILLION on their pets according to the American Pet Products Association.

That demand means veterinary practices are expected to just keep on growing (and HIRING) all across the country.

Surprisingly Affordable

If you’ve read this far you’ve seen several good reasons why this online vet tech school is right for you. And there’s one more thing to consider… Because Vet Tech University is entirely online we don’t have to worry about anything but creating the best, most user-friendly courses for our students. We don’t have classrooms to maintain, gas and electric bills to pay… you get the idea.

That means we can give you everything you need to start working at a veterinary hospital the day you get your certificate without charging anywhere near what you’d pay at your local college. In fact, tuition for the entire program is just a one time payment of $997, and an entry level Vet Tech University technician can earn as much as $30,000 per year, so I think you’ll see why our students say we’re the best deal around.

But to grab your dream, not to mention a great secure job, you need to act. Enroll now and get started on your vet tech career today!

I look forward to having you as our student.

Keith Webb, DVM
Founder, Vet Tech University

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!