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Vet Tech University’s Online Training Program Curriculum

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Veterinary Hospital Foundations

This section of Vet Tech University’s curriculum was designed to give you a solid foundation of the basic hospital and animal care skills necessary to flourish in your vet tech training. From proper cleaning and disinfectant procedures to proper animal handling, you will leave with the knowledge and understanding every veterinary technician should have as a baseline to further their vet tech education.


Veterinary Client Communication Skills

Effective client communication is essential to your success as a veterinary technician. In this section of Vet Tech University’s curriculum you will learn how to converse with clients on the telephone as well as in person, gain knowledge of veterinary record keeping and discover how to better understand the veterinary client in order to provide exceptional client service.


Veterinary Technician Training – Phase I

Phase I of the Vet Tech University’s Veterinary Technician Training focuses on familiarizing you with the daily procedures performed in a veterinary hospital. You’ ll learn the necessary medical terminology, pharmacy and laboratory skills necessary to advance your vet tech career. You will also gain an understanding of radiology, surgery and anesthesia as well as uncover what it takes to effectively handle emergency situations.


Veterinary Technician Training – Phase II

Phase II of the Vet Tech University’s Veterinary Technician Training picks up where Phase 1 left off as you”ll learn to care for injured, hospitalized and orphaned pets. You’ ll expand on your animal handling and client communication skills and receive in depth animal behavior training. Since safety is always a concern in the veterinary hospital, you’ll be introduced to OSHA and their
requirements in the workplace.


Veterinary Technician Training – Phase III

Phase III of Vet Tech University’s Technician Training offers instruction on a broad range of clinical procedures and provides a great source of training in the clinical skills necessary to a technician”s role in the veterinary hospital. You’ll be taught the proper procedures for blood collection, catheter placement, blood pressure monitoring and fluid therapy. You”ll discover how to place and care for urinary catheters, deliver supplemental oxygen therapy and how to provide pain management and alternative care. You will learn how to effectively assist the veterinarian during a patient”s physical examination and be trained on some of the most common medical topics veterinarians see on a regular basis.


Veterinary Technician Large Animal Program

Vet Tech University’s Large Animal Curriculum provides clear and concise training on many of the procedures that a large animal technician must master when working with horses and cattle. You’ll discover proper restraint techniques, how to assess an equine patient and how to administer medications. You will become skilled at radiology and imaging equipment and find out how to examine the hoof and evaluate lameness. You’ll also develop an understanding of bovine healthcare and management.


Veterinary Hospital Manager Program

With Vet Tech University’s Hospital Management Training you”ll gain the specialized skills necessary to manage a veterinary hospital. These training modules are taught by leading experts in the veterinary industry. You will hone your human resource, management, employee relationship skills in addition to learning how to strategically develop and implement marketing and safety programs. Topics include everything from understanding financial statements to hiring and firing employees.


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