Phase II of the Vet Tech University’s Veterinary Technician Training picks up where Phase I left off as you’ll learn to care for injured, hospitalized and orphaned pets. You’ll expand on your animal handling and client communication skills and receive in depth animal behavior training. Since safety is always a concern in the veterinary hospital, you’ll be introduced to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazard Association) and their requirements.

Hospitalized Patient

  • Fluid Therapy
  • Medications
  • Nursing Care
  • Post-surgical Care
  • The Importance of the Proper Environment

Wound Care and Bandaging

  • Bandages, Splints and Slings
  • Caring for Wounds
  • General Principles of Wound Healing

Feline Resources

  • Basic Cat Care
  • Feline Characteristics

Animal Behavior Resources

  • Behavior Interpretations and Observations
  • Behavior Wellness Program
  • Common Behavioral Problems in Cats
  • Common Canine Behavioral Problems
  • Dealing With a Threatening Dog
  • Evaluating a Behavior Professional
  • Gathering a Behavioral History from Clients
  • House Training Basics
  • Initial Assessment of Behavioral Problems
  • Interpreting Aggressive Behavior
  • Interpreting Displacement Behaviors
  • Interpreting Predatory Behavior
  • Observing Canine Ear Carriage
  • Observing Canine Eyes and Gaze
  • Observing Canine Tail Carriage
  • Observing the Canine Mouth
  • Protective Instincts and Fear Biting
  • The Behavioral Examination
  • Working Through Behavior Issues
  • Educating Clients on Adopting a Shelter Animal
  • Educating Clients on Unruly Canine Behavior
  • Educating Clients on Housetraining Basics
  • Canine Conflicts – Introduction
  • Canine Conflicts – Part 1
  • Canine Conflicts – Part 2
  • Canine Conflicts – Part 3
  • Canine Conflicts – Part 4
  • Introduction to Animal Learning – Part 1
  • Introduction to Animal Learning – Part 2
  • Introduction to Animal Learning – Part 3
  • Helping Cats Co-Exist – Introduction
  • Helping Cats Co-Exist – Part 1
  • Helping Cats Co-Exist – Part 2
  • Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby – Introduction
  • Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby – Part 1
  • Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby – Part 2

Exotic Species Resources

  • Avian Beak and Nail Trim
  • Avian Handling and Restraint
  • Avian Wing Trim
  • Handling Lizards and Turtles
  • Handling Small Animals
  • Handling Snakes
  • Handling Reptiles

Geriatric Patient Resources

  • Caring for the Geriatric Patient Part One
  • Caring for the Geriatric Patient Part Two

Puppy and Kitten Resources

  • New Pet Owner: Spay and Neuter
  • Puppies: Chewing
  • Puppies: Crate and Paper Training
  • Puppies: Exercise and Obedience Training
  • Puppies: Newborn and Orphans
  • Puppies: Weaning


  • The Immune System

Caring for Orphaned Animals

  • Caring for Orphaned Animals Part One

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!