Vet Tech University Helps You…

Get The Hands-On Training You Need

With their unique mentorship program

The Vet Tech University Mentorship Program is designed for highly motivated veterinary technician trainees interested in volunteering their time to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the veterinary hospital setting.

The program’s primary function is the training of Vet Tech University students in the medical tasks associated with being a veterinary technician in a local veterinary hospital or animal shelter.  Vet Tech University does not offer a list of potential mentors because of confidentiality reasons and the unpredictable availability within veterinary practices.  But, if a mentor is unavailable in a student’s area or if they wish, we always offer the opportunity to come train with Dr. Webb and the staff of Pet Doctor, his veterinary hospital in Rockwall, Texas.

By volunteering your time, you show your willingness and determination to be part of a veterinary hospital team.  Our most successful students complete most of their technician curriculum before starting their mentorship program. By doing so, you will have obtained much of the knowledge necessary to become a functioning member of the veterinary health care team.

When entering the mentorship program, you will want to dress and act like a medical professional. Mentors are potential employers and may say that they are only looking for experienced veterinary technicians, when in reality they are typically looking for bright, honest, dedicated, hard working individuals who will become a long term committed employee.  This is the time for you to show your enthusiasm about being part of the practice.  You should be willing to clean cages, walk dogs, answer phones and anything else to contribute to the success of their practice.

Most of the time your training will be taught by experienced veterinary technicians since they have more time to offer and are accustomed to training and supervising new employees. You should respect the knowledge, patience and understanding these technicians are offering you. If you are content working side by side with these veterinary professionals, you may let them know that you may be interested in a long term employment relationship.

In order to qualify for the mentorship program, you must have completed the Veterinary Hospital Foundations and Veterinary Client Communication Skills programs of the Vet Tech University curriculum.  You must also print out and complete the Health Risk Acknowledgment and the Release of Liability forms below (Please notice that the  forms must to notarized) in order to be eligible.

Health Risk Acknowledgment

Release of Liability

If you know of a potential mentor or if a potential mentor has any questions about our mentorship program, please have them call 877-994-6888 and talk with a faculty member.  We are always happy to speak with potential mentors.

We are sorry to inform you, but we are no longer accepting enrollment due to our acquisition. Good luck in your future endeavors!